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Augmented World apps Privacy policies

This page is to document Privacy Policies for AugmentedWorld Applications.

These applications range between Google Play Store and Meta Quest Store/App Labs. 

Please see the headings below for the Privacy Policy of the application you wish to view:

Smashy Smashy VR 

The only data involved with Smashy Smashy VR is the games SAVEDATA relating to the users progress in the application.

Data such as Level choices, music choices, options (vibrate settings on/off) etc. 

This data stays local to the user. 

AugmentedWorld has no interest in collecting user data, and has no systems relating as such in place in the application "Smashy Smashy VR" that would collect and/or send user data to AugmentedWorld or unwarrented third parties.

"Smashy Smashy VR" is a free VR application designed for Oculus/Meta Quest systems.

Distribution of future application updates will be provided by official VR market place platforms such as Meta Quest Market/App Labs. 

Any updates outside of these distribution channels may not be safe versions of the application "Smashy Smashy VR" and are highly recommended NOT to be installed onto your systems as they may contain malicious code edited by an unwarrented third party. 

This policy has been first written on the 16th of May 2022. And will be updated according if data is handled differently in future updates of the application "Smashy Smashy VR". 

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