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About Me.

"Games should be one thing. Fun" 
Update: April 2021. After finally getting enough money to get a new computer capable of handling newer VR products, i had to get a headset as well which took time. Finally have both and can continue from where i knew VR in 2016. Everything has changed and is a lot more streamline......Good! Its time to experiment! Demos that can be loaded into the Oculus Quest can be found on this page: (Insert page when created)
I have always enjoyed playing and watching video games. Since a young age its what ive wanted to make and share with people. 
In 2014 I (Jacob Sims) graduated from Portsmouth University with a Bachelor in Science in Computer Games technology. 
My interest since leaving University was always looking at newer technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). 
In my earlier portfolio there were a lot of unfinished experiments and projects relating to these subjects from 2014 to 2018. The experiments allowed me to explore how the mediums of AR and VR and how a user would interact with these mediums, Creating prototypes with prototype hardware (Myo Armband) and even publishing 1-2 AR apps on Google Play, which at this time (2020) are removed due to 3rd party support incompatibility.
During this time period i personally was taking freelance programming projects using the Unity Engine and working various retail jobs to support myself. 
Fast foward to early 2020;
I find out the AR package Vuforia gets a change in support the software rights being changed in recent years. So the methods of AR i set up 2 of my previous apps for were no longer supported by Vuforia.
The only way to update the apps were to port them to a newer version of Unity that didnt support a lot (in a nutshell). 
So the plan for 2020 was to start a new with the portfolio.
To make Games and apps that weren't just a technology gimmick using AR and VR, to make fun and memorable experiences. 
2020 saw the release of "MasterCore" my arcade time attack game available on Google Play. The design was with a simple idea "It has to be fun"; What makes things fun? challenge, the idea of progression, simple game play that can be hard to master and an objective (there are plenty more reasons). 
So thats what i worked with, the idea of keeping the game simple and hard to master. And with the end product getting increasingly more difficult, keeping the same controls throughout and the odd item or upgrade to aid the user. I felt like i hit something that may get the attention of some gamers.
Later into June 2020 it was time to work on another game. This time it was to upgrade one of my previous games released in 2018 "Seagull Simulator" on Google Play which was really not in the best state, i created it and i didnt want to look at it. 
So it was time to change that.
The concept came about when i was playing in the Unity Engine and made a capsule switch between a state of walking on the floor and flying in the air. It evolved into "what silly bird can you play around with but not get people worried about" , The idea was originally pigeons but with it being summer and myself living near a Seaside beach i knew people who went to the beach would get annoyed by Seagulls, swooping by for food, pooping on people minding their own business. And the idea clicked, play as a mischievous Seagull in a sandbox city.
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