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Welcome to Augmented World

Augmented World is a programming, Mixed reality and game creation portfolio.

This portfolio has a mixture of demos and finished products. The demos are mostly VR related, where as the finish game products can be found on Google Play (see info below).

The games and apps on shown on this site are created by Jacob Sims, in collaboration with other artists who help contribute assets such as models, music and support.

Smashy Smashy VR

Smashy Smashy VR is a free to play game available on Meta Quest App Labs.

"SMASHY SMASHY VR is a stress release app that allows users to SMASH and DESTROY VR environments. Choose from familiar environments such as the Office work place and the Local Supermarket or choose alternative environments like a giant game of chess or Egypt!"


So this VR app is out! And i am certainly surprised that i have it in a "working" state. There are a few things i can change and fix which i plan to in the not to distant future, but for now i am happy!

Dev notes: The plain vanilla version of the game was released June 1st 2022. The plan is to update the game by the end of the summer (August/Sept). I am hoping to address 1-2 small gameplay issues as well as introduce another mode. Feedback so far has been excellent and has given a good idea as to what the users want. Guns and people. Not gonna lie thats gonna be tough considering i wanna keep this as PEGI 3 as possible......but i am sure i can work something fun in. 

To early users who downloaded the title and are some how reading this article. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EARLY INVESTMENT INTO THIS APP! If people didn't show interest i wouldn't be as enthusiastic as i am now about getting more content done. I was drained finishing the vanilla build, and seeing people wanting more and having interest. Thank you.

I am mostly keeping quiet as to what exactly is coming as certain assets are on "order" and a matter of what comes when etc etc. So lets see what comes as it comes.

MasterCore Was programmed and designed by Jake Sims.

Additional Art assets provivded by Tautvydas Katkevicius.

Additional provided by Michael Harley